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Raid Adventure Team back in the game

There´s a little surprise for the second half of the racing season. We just revealed a new racing car! After the quite long calm season and many secrets, the Ford Raptor SVT comes for the first time in Hungarian Baja, from 14th  toIMG-20140807-WA0002  16th of August 2014. In Hungarian Pápa city, which is a part of Cross Country Rally World Cup & European Championship. There will be more than 50 drivers including stars like Nasser  AL-ATTYAH,  Boris GADASIN and Adam MALYSZ.

IMG_1207Everyone should love this race, because there are more than 350 kilometres of tracks. Race starts on Thursday, what means a lot of paperwork and technical check for every vehicle, that day. On Friday, instead of the typical prologue, teams will take one technical trail, 58,37 kilometres long. On Saturday, 4 sections are prepared, on two racing tracks. First has 54,56 kilometres and the second a lot more, 96,62 kilometres.